Thursday, February 28, 2008

[OceanofDharma] Quotes of the Week: Prepare to Leap

Ocean of Dharma Quotes of the Week

February 28, 2008  (In honor of Leap Year)


In order to overcome selfishness, it is necessary to be daring. It is as though you were
dressed in your swimsuit, standing on the diving board with a pool in front of you, and
you ask yourself: �Now what?�  The obvious answer is: �Jump.� That is daring. You
might wonder if you will sink or hurt yourself if you jump. You might. There is no
insurance, but it is worthwhile jumping to find out what will happen. The student warrior
has to jump. We are so accustomed to accepting what is bad for us and rejecting what is
good for us. We are attracted to our cocoons, our selfishness, and we are afraid of
selflessness, stepping beyond ourselves. So in order to overcome our hesitation about
giving up our privacy, and in order to commit ourselves to others� welfare, some kind of
leap is necessary.

From the forthcoming book: OCEAN OF DHARMA: The Everyday Wisdom of Chogyam Trungpa. Available any week now from Shambhala Publications.

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