Sunday, December 21, 2008

[OceanofDharma] Quotes of the Week: The Sun Is about to Rise

Ocean of Dharma Quotes of the Week

December 21, 2008 


The Great Eastern Sun is the sun that is fully risen in your life. It is the sun of wakefulness, the sun of human dignity. It is Great because it represents upliftedness and the qualities of openness and gentleness. You have an uplifted sense of posture or place in your world, which we call having good head and shoulders. It is East because you have a smile on your face. East is the concept of dawn. When you look to the East, first thing in the morning, you see light coming from the East, even before the sun rises. So East is the smile you have when you wake up. The sun is about to rise. Fresh air is coming with the dawn. So the sun is East and it is Great.

From "Facing Yourself," in CONQUERING FEAR, forthcoming from Shambhala Publications, Fall 2009.

All material by Chogyam Trungpa is copyright Diana J. Mukpo and used by permission.

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